Sunday, 21 June 2015

Its been a long time between drinks! (both literally and figuratively).

Every time I have thought of opening this page to write I have been stopped by myself.
But here I am, back on the page!

So... As I mentioned above, it has been a long time time between drinks!
I haven't had a drop of alcohol for 1 and a half months.
Anybody who knows me well will understand that this has been a rather large feat for a gal like me.
I love Wine. I mean I really love wine.
Beside the fact that I live with and love one of the finest Wine makers and Wine importers in the world and our house is always stocked with delicious Malbec, I just generally have a passion for all things wine.
I can hear you all thinking, then why the bloody hell did you stop?!
Well here is my answer...
I wanted a break. My mind wanted a break. I wanted to find clarity, I wanted to see if I had better concentration and more energy (I do) and to be honest, my liver and kidneys needed a little time to recover after the bashing I gave them in my twenties.

As a little experiment, I noted the things I have observed so far...

I am a great designated driver.

People start to get drunk after half a drink, even the big burly Men.

Sometimes Peoples drunk personalities are completely different to there sober self and not always in a good way. To my friends reading this, I still love you no matter what.

I have just as much fun getting drunk on other people's company as they do from their drinks.

Not having a hangover is THE BEST.

The colour of my eyes are so much brighter! (yellow colouring in the eye is caused by toxins on the liver).

People think you are super weird when you go to a pub and order lemonade.

And the most interesting thing to me so far is, In social settings I am actually a much more quite, observant person than my confident, flirtatious, drunk self would have you believe!

Ok after having said all of this, I am not trying to elude to the fact that I am holy'er than thou, or that I won't ever touch another drop, cos I am definitely not a saint!
But, after trialling this little experiment and seeing how much better I feel I would recommend everybody give it a crack.
Try two weeks. You might surprise yourself!

Till my next mind purge. WCWW x

Monday, 20 April 2015

They say when you hit your 30's life gets easier.
You have more financial stability, generally speaking most woman are comfortable in their careers, and most of us are in long term relationships. (Bar those that are single by choice or otherwise and power to you sisters.)
But what about the in-between stage? The stage where it has been longer than a year but less than 3, the honeymoon faze is drawing to a close and the real world comes a knocking.

You are 30+ and you feel like you are with the man you want to spend your life with and the clock is ticking.
This statement in itself is enough to send most men packing!
But I mean, what is so bad about bringing that conversation up?
Surely you want and need to know earlier rather than later if the person you are with wants that as well, otherwise you might be in for a tough decision/position later down the track.
I have a handful of girlfriends that thought they would be mums by now, but due to breakups in there thirties, medical reason, or just bad luck this has not happened for them.
The thought of going back into the world of dating is just downright scary, (for me anyway) not to mention the serious lack of available men in this city, plus when you do finally find him, you then have to create a stable foundation and that could take years, and before you know it you are 38+ and uncertain if the baby boat will ever sail in your direction.

How many of you are in or have been in that situation?

News flash for the men out there... We do not choose to become baby obsessed weirdos, but for some hormonal, primally driven reason the thought of procreation enters a woman mind at least once a day. Guaranteed.
I am not saying this happens to all women. I know women that bulk at the very mention of a crying baby and sometimes I wish that was me, but alas. It most definitely is not.

For the record... I am NOT a bunny boiler, but man, when I see my friends, my family and most hot men with babies strapped to them on the street its enough for me to want to hassle my beloved to a point that he wished he was not in the same room as me, let alone be having this conversation.
Don't get me wrong (friends and family reading this, I have no intention of "accidentally" getting knocked up) but as my 34th Birthday fast approaches it has definitely been a topic that has been circulating my internal dialogue.

Then there is the the other story that is being told. (inside my head)
Do we really want to bring more children into a world that is on such a fast decline?!

Being a Woman in your early to mid 30's is tough. Shit, being a women is tough. Actually just being human is tough. Especially in the world we live right now.
Land is sinking due to rising sea levels, but yet some governments choose to believe that global warming does not exist.
People are still killing people for profit and religion (useless if we don't have a planet to spend the profits on) and in a world that has unbelievably wealthy individuals we still have mass poverty and starvation.
This of course is all another story entirely.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

I never thought I would be the kind of person to not have friends.
Im not saying I'm the loneliest person int the world, but over the years I have come to realise that my friends circle (besides about 4 major people who I absolutely love dearly and who unfortunately happen to be scattered across the country and globe, and who are all completely separate from each other) is flippant and ever changing.
Growing up as a self professed Tomboy, and moving schools every other week, I wasn't one of those girls who had girlfriends. You know the "lets have a Girls night out" kind of friendship groups.
Don't get me wrong, I know some really great girls and I am able to create a night out, but if I was wanting to really turn to my girlfriends for some Sex and the City type of D and M time then I would be shit out of luck! (except like I said for those friends mentioned above)
Am I alone here? Or is it that the girlfriend groups that I so often see are generally made up of people who don't really care that much about each other, but more just wanting some company for the night ahead, and are more concerned with how they look and what guys they can attention from.
Or is it that I just missed the boat on creating life long friendships with the ladies due to my global exploration and inability to commit to people?
Either way I have realised that it is really important to create those bonds.
Encourage your kids to have friends, and even more so to keep those true friends through thick and thin, because you know one day they might really need a shoulder that isn't there spouse or family.

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

I have recently decided to create a new chapter. A new beginning and a new story.
Due to the immediate and abrupt end to my job, I decided that its all ok. I can now do the things that I have been putting off because, well simply I have been too bloody lazy to do!
Add to that the fear of failure, The work I know I will have to put in and the reality that maybe, just maybe I will be pretty poor for a while, not to mention waaaaay out of my comfort zone.

Well as a good friend of mine says "the F*@k it button has been well and truly activated and I could not be happier!

In light of this I just wanted to send you all a little bit of love, a little bit of light and a whole lot of F*@k it!

You want something? Then go and Get IT!


There will always be somebody in this world willing to shut you down due to there own fear.
Ignore them! Work Hard for what you want and don't give up until you are where you want to be!